Who is one of the most influential on social media? Eric Zuley Why?


1 of the top ten most influential people on social media is a gentleman by the name of Eric Zuley. Read what Weekly Billboard Magazine and Actors Reporter, Cold Heat News wrote about him. In the Entrepreneur circuit the terms “Social Media” and “Eric Zuley” have become synonymous. Klout has called Eric Zuley an expert in social media because of the unique branding ability he has showcased. He is the only entrepreneur to have a TV Network, Magazine, Radio,Blog and APP all under the veil of the same brand.


With all of these avenues being connected a single tweet from Eric Zuley can reach millions of loyal followers making him one of the most powerful people on our list. He has been referred to has the next “Digital Dick Clark” & this magazine agrees.

His blog EricZuleyBlog.com has over 200,000 followers with over 180 thousand followers his (@ericzuley) account on Twitter is a (Verified Account) this means that Twitter validates this man and he needs to have a badge to verify who he is because so many other people try to be him. His average reach per tweet is over 500,000.
It sparked our interest that out of a list of some of the top most famous entrepreneur’s in the world, Steve Forbes, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Rubert Murdoch, Taylor Swift, Anthony Robbins, the Dalai Lama, Russell Simmons, Justin Bieber,
There was one name we didn’t recognize which was # 7. Eric Zuley. Naturally we did our research, what we found was astonishing! This guy literally built himself and his brand from the ground up through networking and social media. Now today his reach is in the millions, he has some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the business world endorsing him. Larry Namer Co-Founder of E! Television, Chris Donavan former director of the Golden Globe Awards, Shellie Hunt Founder of Women Of Global Change recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by President Obama, Phylicia Rashad from the Cosby Show, Gloria Allred, Senator Bob Huff, Orange County council member Greg Raths, Robert Sun founder of American Chinese Ceo Society one of the top facilitation orginizations with China to the U.S. this is just to name a few. Besides having numerous websites and blogs of his own, his social media reach is abnormally strong because it is combined with his hundreds of partnerships and distribution recourses. Eric Zuley is a member of Billionaires Elite. An Exclusive Worldwide Network for the elite, with over 4,500 members.
This entrepreneur really seems to be on the forefront of cutting edge technology and social media promotions. Eric Zuley is the CEO/Founder of eZWay Broadcasting


which is the ubrella corporation for a web/app based media group housing eZWay Magazine


, eZWay Radio and TV


Recently partnered with a company called Digi Tek Media Group. They specialize in production and graphic services. They also build IPTV Networks. They are currently working on Eric Zuley’s IPTV network which is EZWAY.TV This will have its own TV Box and usb tool for the viewers to watch the EZWAY.TV channel at home on their TV, touch pad or phone.



and finally you have eZWay Promotions which really seems to be the backbone of the business. This is the division of eZWay Broadcasting that promotes, publicizes, brands a person, company, product or service. eZWP has been said to be one of the most powerful promotions services out there. Take a look at some of their clients. All of this is added to a app called eZWay App by Manny’s Apps  which is the 1 touch network completing Eric Zuley’s vision for a simple interactive network helping fans connect to their success.


His former and current clients include Dominos, the vice president Wells Fargo Advisors, DJ Kimkat with Black Eyed Peas, Australian Supermodel Sophie Turner, Pearl Records/Universal, Thump Records/Universal, numerous award winning actors, musicians, book authors, entrepreneur’s, designers, producers and political figures. Eric currently owns Whatuneedtv a youtube channel formally in-house for Akon’s Konlive/Shydog Productions with over 14 million organic views, WTV NETWORKS with over 8 million website views, He ran his own IPTV channel at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles Radio/TV for 8 months. He co-produces and hosts his own talk show series on IMDB through the Actors Entertainment Network with four finished seasons. He is the co-founder of JMN Universal which is a record label with Universal Music Group. He is the former face of Axe Body Spray “Music Star” he currently has a award named after him given to him in 2011 by the Multicultural Motion Picture Association called the “EZ Way Achievement Award” signed off by numerous council members from the city and county of Los Angeles, In 2012 this was give to Larry Namer the Co-Founder of E!  2013 he honored Dame Shellie Hunt Founder of Wemon Of Global Change, 2012 he was also recognized by Congressman Brad Sherman. 2014 he was given the Global Humanitarian Award by the US Global Business Forum, 2015 he was given the Trust fund hero medallion by the Children’s Trust Fund Los Angeles. Eric has helped raise awareness which provided funding for over 100 charities with his eZWay Cares program. Eric has produced events at the Los Angeles Convention Center and has done events with the Los Angeles Children’s Trust Fund, Union Rescue Mission, Red Cross, Oscars, Emmy’s and event Grammy events just to name a few. Eric, is currently the chief of broadcasting for the United Nations Association Of Beverly Hills. He has been seen on TMZ, ABC, EXTRA, FOX, he has been featured in Beverly Hills Times, Hollywood Weekly Magazine with a article right next to Frank Shankwitz, founder of Make A Wish Foundation, he has graced the covers of many magazines, The Biz Magazine, Designer Original Magazine, Rock Thiz, Avant Garde Magazine, Soul Central Magazine, 310 Magazine, Fortune Gazette and now he owns his own.


Today he is focused in passing his expertise down to the younger minds that want to make a difference.

Other links to research Eric Zuley











Close to 1 million listeners

Over 25 social media networks with a subscriber base.

Over 8 k group members on fb

Over 250 thousand subscribers

Currently Eric’s network has millions of viewer attention from China, India, South American, UK, Russia, Africa, Las Vegas the USA Los Angeles and Orange County.

This was all self built through social media and follow up!

No wonder this man was considered one of the top ten most influential on twitter!


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6 Responses to Who is one of the most influential on social media? Eric Zuley Why?

  1. Brian Willis says:

    Amazing Eric. Great speaking to you today! Keep up the excellent work.

  2. John Carr says:

    Wonderful things you have done and are doing!
    Look forward to our mutual working together and enjoyed our discussion today.

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  4. Bill Brown says:

    Yes Thanks for all the help with WateringSeeds.Org. And Mōdere.com/3w4w0q.

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